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Services Offered

Some of the Services Available to you:

Plumbing Service

We offer a plumbing service with some services available to you including:

  • Repair of Sinks, Faucets, Toilets and more
  • Installation of sinks, faucets, toilets and more 

Sales of Parts for Small Engines

With any power tool or piece of equipment, regular maintenance is important to getting the best work and lifespan for your machine. We have the parts and accessories you need to keep things running in tip-top shape!

Full Service Repair Shop

Like any power tools, small engines need proper care to function efficiently and prolong their lifespan. If your mower, snow blower, generator, tractor, wood chipper, string trimmer, chain saw or even your go kart needs a tune up, our experts can help. We can service and repair a wide range of brands, and we also carry a complete line of proper lubricants and other fluids your small engine may need, and the tools necessary for you to keep the engine in top shape for years of dependable performance.

Fence Sales and Installation

We have multiple types of fence available including wood, vinyl and chainlink fencing! We also full installation services of your fence!

Sprinkler System Design and Installation

Do you need some new irrigation on your property, business site or at home? We offer Sprinkler System Design & Installation services!

Window and Screen Repair

Do you have a torn screen or a cracked window? We have the service you need to help! Contact us today so that we can get your repair taken care of right away! 

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